My Story

Artist Statement

I am Los Angeles based, self-taught artist. I was born in Armenian family in Tehran, Iran. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Physics, however, I have been painting and drawing from an early age. I attended art classes back in my hometown but mainly I learned by practicing and experimenting.

Art for me is a way to convey my emotions, feelings and expressing myself to the world. I draw about myself. Every time I sit down I think about all I love, all I care about, all I dream about, and all I feel. Even if the picture isn’t me, it still holds part of my life. Every color I use, every stroke I make with my paintbrush, and every moment I spend working on a piece of art is the most important time I spend. I love the fact that art can express the way I am feeling at that particular moment. I find that no matter what goes wrong, there will always be a connection between my mind and a blank piece of paper.

My inspiration comes from nature, universe and my Iranian-Armenian roots. When I make a painting, I want to create work that is different and unique to myself. I am looking for something new, something that just might have been overlooked by the greats of the past and aspire to create the best art that I can.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
Thomas Merton